UnderArmour.com Needs SEO Help

In the third installment of our SEO audit series, we’re going to help out UnderArmour.com.  Apparently “Protecting This House” doesn’t include optimizing their website, but luckily we’re here to help. They definitely got it going on the turf and on the court, but the juggernauts of the performance apparel market could stand to step up their game in the digital realm.

We’re not trying to sweat you, Under Armour, but we too are all about performance. Take a peek at some ideas we had for them to take their SEO game to the next level.

Problem 1: JavaScript Dropdown Menus.

How to fix Problem 1: UnderArmor.com’s dropdown menus are created with Javascript. While search engines can crawl Javascript, it is unknown how much link juice is passed through the links.  Therefore, it is not recommended that sites use it for their global navigation.  We strongly recommend HTML and CSS navigation.

Problem 2: Lack of keyword-rich content.

How to fix Problem 2: The home page and all major category pages should have keyword-rich content that is accessible to the search engines and helpful to customers.

Problem 3: Cannot locate the sitemap.

How to fix Problem 3: The page http://www.underarmour.com/sitemap.xml exists, however, no sitemap loads when you go that URL.  We recommend implementing a sitemap that will actually load.

Problem 4: No Custom 404 Page.

How to fix Problem 4: All 404 errors return customers to the home page. A custom 404 page should be created with a search feature and useful links to encourage customers to continue shopping.

Problem 5: Product Pages are not indexed.

How to fix Problem 5: Poor internal linking structure is causing the product pages to not to be indexed.  Proper site architecture should be created making sure that all pages that should be indexed are accessible to search engines through links.

Bonus Problem: Slow Load time

The site loads in over 16 seconds.  Google penalizes sites that load in anything over 4 seconds.

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