Five Types of Tweets That You Can Use to Engage Your Audience

In order to engage your audience properly on Twitter, you need to provide value – and you can provide value by using various types of “Tweets” to engage your audience.

Here are five different types of “Tweets” that you can incorporate into your Twitter and overall social media marketing strategy:

1. “What You Are Doing” Tweets. Allow your followers into your world by telling them what you are up to… but here’s how you can add value: tell them why you’re doing it, and/or what your opinion is of what you’re doing.

2. Tweets that Link to “Value-Add” Content. This type of tweet provides you with an opportunity to share interesting news or informational content that you’ve read about.  You’re bringing value with this sort of tweet because you’ll be able to provide your followers with new information that can help them somehow.

3. “Accomplishment” Tweets. Share what you’re working on and what you’ve achieved on through your Tweets as well.  How will anyone know what you’ve accomplished if you don’t tell them?

4. Tweets that ask questions. Engage your followers by asking questions. You can ask questions that can help your business (e.g. “What is the biggest pain point of people who have hired SEO agencies?).  You can mix it up by asking people about non-business related events (e.g. “What did everyone think of the Grammys last night?).  Questions allow you to engage.

5. Inspirational Quotes. Twitter is great for inspirational quotes.  Allow your followers to get to know you better by letting them in on some of the quotes that inspire and motivate you.

Remember, Twitter is a large part of the social media network.  With it, communicating and interacting with people anywhere in the world is as easy as a *click.  But the key to it is to be social. With these five tips, that part just makes it easier.

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