3 Amazing Tools for Twitter Efficiency

I’m sure that some of you go on Twitter sometimes and are just not sure what to say.  Do you just Tweet out what you’re doing right now?  Do you write about what you’re thinking about?  Will anyone really care?

One type of Tweet that usually adds a lot of value is links to websites, blog posts, articles, and so on that other people will find interesting.

Today I’d like to talk about three tools that can really help streamline your time on Twitter in order to get this type of Tweet out to your followers — which, in turn, can also boost your social media marketing efforts.

1. RSS Feed Reader.  You need to set up an RSS Feed Reader in order to get all of your articles, blog posts, news stories, etc. in one place — as opposed to going to each individual site.  An RSS feed reader will really save you a lot of time.  I personally use Newsfire, but there are other ones out there, such as Bloglines and Google Reader.

Once you find an article or blog post that you’d like to share with your Twitter followers, then you’ll need…

2. Bitly.  Twitter only allows you to have 140 characters per Tweet.  Of course, sometimes URLs are really long and can take up a bunch of the space in the Tweet… which is where Bitly can really help you out.  Bitly will shorten your URL so that you can enter a link into Twitter and also add in additional information, such as why people should check out your link, what you thought of it, etc.

3. Hootsuite.  This tool is the key — the one that ties everything together.  There are many great reasons to use Hootsuite (you can post to multiple social networks at the same time with Hootsuite, for example), but I think the best feature is the ability for you to set up your Tweets to be sent out at specific times.  Because of this feature, you can spend an hour or two per week and load up a bunch of Tweets, and set them up to be sent out throughout the week.

Once you find the links (through your RSS feed reader) that you want to send out, shorten the URLs with bitly, and load the Tweets up in your Hootsuite.

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