Strategic Partnership & Referral Program

Make 10% of the Revenue for the first year of the deal!

We are excited to provide your contacts with ROI-driven digital marketing solutions that will deliver them tangible and trackable results while concurrently generating an additional revenue stream for yourself.

How does it work?

We will pay you 10% of revenues generated from clients you refer to us for the first year of their contract with Highly Relevant. In addition, we are happy to private brand our services under your company name – something that our current strategic partners are really excited about.

The Guarantee

Be confident in your decision to refer your valued clients to Highly Relevant. We guarantee a return on their investment by the end of the contractual period or we will work for free until this is achieved, it’s that simple!

Strategic Partnership, Referral & Branding Programs

We have two standard programs through which we work with our Strategic Partners to provide digital marketing services for clients or businesses they refer to us: a standard Strategic Partner referral program and a private branding program.

Option 1: Strategic Partnership & Referral Program

Our Strategic Partner & Referral Program is ideal for companies that have clients or know businesses with digital marketing needs but don’t want to spend their time pitching, managing and implementing the delivery of these services.

In this program, we manage the entire process including proposals, strategy, implementation and reporting.

If our services are supplemental to a project you are working on with the client, we will work closely with you to ensure that we are coordinated throughout the process and deliver a great experience and impressive results for your client.

Our payment structure consists of a recurring fee for the first year of the campaign. The recurring fee is anywhere from 5-10% of the entire contract.

The fee varies depending on the total amount of monthly revenue referred to us by your company. Agency Fee Schedule:

Recurring Fee (paid monthly)
HR pays SP 5-10% of client fee

Option 2: Private Branding Program

Our Private Branding Program is ideal for companies who want to deliver our SEO and web marketing services as their own. We take care of the actual implementation and work closely with you on proposals, contracts and reports, all of which are branded with your logo and colors.

In this case, we mark down our services performed for your client and bill you for these services. You may mark up our services as much as you like. You have the responsibility of collecting fees from your clients. Please contact us for more information on this program.

Recurring Fee (paid monthly)
SP pays HR 90-95% of client fee

Strategic Partnership Agreement

Below is a a typical strategic partner agreement which can hopefully serve as a basis for a collaborative working relationship moving forward. Please contact Alex Becker at or 310-824-9590 with any inquiries.

Please download the latest version of our Strategic Partner Agreement which is available in both:

Please fill out the document accordingly, sign and then either fax, email, or send via regular mail to the following:

Highly Relevant
1033 Gayley Avenue, Suite 107
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Phone: 310-824-9590
Fax: 888-501-7509

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