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Professional Wiki Editor

Today, the first thing most potential customers do is type your personal or corporate brand name into Google, so it’s important to have positive articles appear on the first page of results. Because a Wikipedia listing is often the first or second search result, it can be a valuable tool in managing your online reputation.

Why Wikipedia?

A Wikipedia page signals to your customers that you are a credible figure within your industry and are important enough to be mentioned in the world’s largest encyclopedia. When professionally written, it can be a great resource of centralized information about you or your company, describing your products, services, and notable achievements and providing links to reputable news articles and websites that you want to highlight.
Because Wikipedia pages are favored by Google, they can also be effective in displacing negative reviews or stories and acting as an authoritative source by occupying a spot in the critical top 10 results about you or your company.

Wikipedia Inclusion for Brand Authority & Strength

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Wikipedia bills itself as the encyclopedia that “anyone” can edit, but as Wikipedia grew to the size it is today, it became a strict, rule-bound community. Improperly referenced articles are quickly flagged for Wikipedia’s “Articles for Deletion” process, and new editors receive ominous warning messages for violating the community’s arcane editing rules. Photographs with incorrect licensing information are swiftly tagged for deletion, and users connected with the offending articles are permanently blocked from editing and publicly exposed for astroturfing the encyclopedia.

The end result is that articles about otherwise well-known and notable people and companies are often either deleted within an hour or two of placement or tagged with negative, official-looking templates. To make matters even more difficult, Wikipedia uses an obscure HTML mark-up language to format documents, so the learning process can be lengthy.

An experienced editor can work around all of these obstacles, which is why our editor – who has made over 10,000 edits on the site and has a track record of getting professionally-written articles placed on Wikipedia, safe from deletion – is such a valuable asset.

An article about you or your company will present an overall positive impression of your accomplishments and background, providing biographical information, company history, and newsworthy accomplishments along with relevant photographs, music, or video samples. We publish all of this content while adhering to Wikipedia’s rules about maintaining a neutral point of view, citing reliable sources, and respecting copyrights.
Our editor knows the culture and rules of Wikipedia and can successfully and discretely navigate this environment.

We also provide services to continuously monitor and defend an article once it has been published.

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Did you know?

Wikipedia is ranked #6 in the world (according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings, May 2013).

The average time spent by a visitor to the site is about 5 minutes per day, with 61 seconds spent on each pageview.

Roughly 11% of global Internet users visit on a daily basis.

Number of pages on the English Wikipedia: 30,392,064

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