Is your business struggling to maximize its potential online?
Well, perhaps you're running into one of two issues... or both:
Your website is new or has not been used as a primary marketing channel for your business. It is now time to create the foundation for a successful Internet marketing campaign.
You are currently running an Internet marketing campaign... but are in need of some guidance as to what specific channels will be most effective for your business.

Highly Relevant's 5-Step Insights and Strategy Process -- R.A.I.S.E.

What We Do...

Step 1: Research

Preliminary industry and business analysis. Information gathering. Initial call/meeting with customer.

Step 2: Audit

Comprehensive site audit aimed at identifying weaknesses. Pinpoint opportunities to improve site's marketing foundation.

Step 3: Interpret

Aggregate data points. Make sense of the findings.

Step 4: Strategize

Build report and make strategy recommendations based on Highly Relevant's interpretation of the data.

Step 5: Execute

Perform set-up, and hand off deliverables. Summary call/meeting with customer.

Learn about our audit packages below:

one-time fee
one-time fee
For growing businesses
All you'll ever need
Get Started Get Started Get Started
Website Fundamentals  
Conversion Rate Optimization
Check-out Optimization
Mobile/Tablet Optimization
Google Analytics/Webmaster Tools Optimization
Marketing Fundamentals  
SEO/Local Optimization 1-Sheet
Social Media 1-Sheet
PPC 1-Sheet
Link Building/PR 1-Sheet
Local Profile Optimization    
SEO Strategy  
SEO Audit/Recommendations
Keyword Optimization
Speed Optimizations  
Schema Mark-up  
PPC Strategy  
PPC Audit/Recommendations  
Campaign Setup    
Ad Creation    
Bidding Strategy    
Social Media Strategy  
Social Media Audit/Recommendations  
Setup/Optimize Profiles    
Set Up Facebook Ads/Promoted Posts    
Competitor Research  
Channel Analysis  
Organic Keyword Ranking    
Link Building/Press Optimize    
PPC Keywords    
Internet marketing is fundamentally the most important discipline for a new brand in the 21st century. People are spending more time online and performing more product research on search engines and social networks. For your business to be successful, you need to have a strong online brand and presence there days. Highly Relevant's audit and strategy service packages will give your website and marketing strategy the "tune-up" and boost that it needs to drive more web traffic to your site as well as the ability to convert the traffic into leads or sales.

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