5 Easy Ways to Make a Monotonous Workday Fun

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congratulationsIf you’ve ever been told that you have a case of the Mondays, these tips are for you.
If you’ve ever had to pause to take a deep breath before opening the door to your office in the morning, these tips are for you.
If you’ve ever felt like 11:30 was actually 5:00, these tips are for you.

At Highly Relevant, we try to make our time spent at work as enjoyable as possible. Sometimes that means spending a good part of the morning talking about the previous night’s basketball/football/baseball/hockey game, and sometimes that means wrapping your coworker’s entire workspace in aluminum foil—either way, we all find ourselves laughing day in and day out.

If your office is missing that certain something that would allow you to have the same experience, we hope that these tips will help.

1. Talk about something other than work.

Work-related things probably (hopefully) aren’t the most interesting things that your coworkers have to say, so talk about something more exciting instead. It’ll help you get to know them better, which will give you more fun things to talk about on subsequent days.

As an added bonus, taking your mind off work for a few minutes at a time will allow you to return to whatever you were doing with fresh eyes and a clear mind.

2. Decorate.

We added fake plants around our office a few months ago, and it did wonders in terms of livening up the place. Real ones are a good choice, too, but those require more attention and upkeep—and it might be a downer if they end up dying. If plants aren’t your thing, decorate with pictures that make you smile or put up a motivational quote or two.

3. Stand up.

Whether it’s to walk to the water cooler, go to the bathroom, or just get a good stretch in, standing up is a good way to encourage interaction and break up the monotony of your day. Unless you’re rushing off somewhere, standing up from your desk says “I am not working on anything at this second, so if you need to tell me anything, now would be a good time.”

4. Do a few icebreakers.

“But I’ve been working with these people for months/weeks/years, what ice is there to break?”
Well, I guarantee there are a number of things that you don’t know about the people you spend 40+ hours a week with, and I’m willing to bet that some of those things would make you like them even more.

5. Play a game with yourself.

Turning office life into a game is a fantastic way to keep yourself entertained in the long term. Chuckle to yourself every time someone says a particular phrase, keep a tally of how many times a coworker eats the same thing for lunch in a month, try to guess who’s walking through the door based on the sound of their footsteps, or even see how long you can go without blinking. It’s really the little things that break up the monotony the best.

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