How to Activate Google +1

Today Google announced its latest and greatest push into the social space with +1. Similar to the Facebook “Like”, this feature will allow searchers to “+1” search results that they like or find useful.  The feature is currently in Google “labs,” but you can start using it today.

Here’s how you can get started with +1-ing search results:

Log into your Google account, go to and click “Join This Experiment” (next to the +1 Experiment).  At this point, the feature will be activated in your search results when you are logged into your Google account.

+1 buttons will be available to put on websites, next to the Facebook “Like” and Twitter “Tweet“ buttons in a few weeks.

It is too early to tell if – and exactly how – this new feature will impact the search results.  My speculation is that in the short term, +1-ing a site (someone needs to come up with a good verb for this feature) will only affect your personal search results.  In the long term, however, +1 will likely have a far-reaching impact on SEO (assuming that it’s much more successful than Google Buzz).

What is certain is that +1 represents the most definitive social media and SEO mash-up to date.

Why it will not be successful… Google + 1 = Fail.

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