Google Places Optimization for Global Brands

The business you are associated with has hundreds or thousands of locations across the country and you are looking to provide these stores with Local Search Engine Optimization services. You believe you have a cohesive Local search strategy that is going to provide your locations with the results that you are looking for. The only problem now is how do you scale across hundreds of locations? Also, are you certain that your local search strategy is going to achieve your business locations’ the results you are looking for?

The truth is that 90% of businesses do not have a cohesive local SEO strategy, and the more locations a business has the less optimized their locations are for local search results, and here’s why: it takes an incredible amount of work on a location-by-location basis to achieve solid results and that hard work seems to dissipate for businesses the more locations they have. In addition, tracking the results of your local SEO campaign can be quite arduous when you have hundreds of locations (each submitted to 15-25 local websites, directories and review sites).

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