Did you think that Google Instant was going to Kill the Long Tail?

Some interesting Tweets came from Danny Sullivan while he was attending SMX, the Search Marketing Expo in San Jose last week. Whoever was the speaker at the time (presumably from Google) was giving some interesting search statistics that Danny decided to share with the world.

  • 44% searches on Google have more than 3 words – This is interesting because the immediate reaction when Google Instant came out, last year, was that searchers would become impatient and jump at the first site that appeared as they were typing.  This statistic would suggest the opposite. Almost half of the searches in Google have more than three words. To me, that means that are longer searching for broad terms and finding the best site on their own, rather they are typing exactly what they want and trusting Google to provide it for them.
  • 64% of Google searches have pages without exact matches to all query terms – This may be difficult for SEO’s to swallow, but despite all the keyword research and optimization, most of the time you guessed wrong. Most of the searches that are performed on Google do not have pages that match the searched term exactly. What this means for keyword targeting is that you have to cast a wide net to include as many synonyms as reasonably possible into your optimized keywords.
  • 20% of Google queries not seen before in past 3 months  - Speaking more to both points above, Google has never even seen 20% of the queries that it receives, making it impossible to optimize for them. Again, this emphasizes the need to cast a wide net of relevant keywords for each of your pages.

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