Our Experience with GeekTek IT Consulting

As providers of Internet marketing services, having an optimized IT plan and remaining on the cutting edge of Internet technology is of the utmost importance to Highly Relevant. So in the interest of becoming as efficient as possible, we recently called in GeekTek, a Los Angeles-based IT services provider, to audit our system and recommend any upgrades that they saw fit, and the experience was so refreshing that we felt compelled to share it.


As these things frequently go, we thought we knew what we wanted before the meeting was even held. We were leaning heavily toward migrating everything on our server onto a private cloud in addition to performing various other upgrades. The advantages of cloud computing are widely known and the possibility of storing all of our data on a secure yet accessible cloud was appealing.

We expected GeekTek to go along with our plan, doing whatever they had to do in order to keep their client happy; it would have been an easy solution. The upgrades that we had in mind would have been costly, and GeekTek certainly would have benefited.


However, in the face of our expectations, GeekTek looked at the reality of the situation. After taking the time to understand how our company operates and considering the unique way in which we do business, they advised us to continue working with the system that we already had. They were honest about our needs, impressing us with both their integrity and their insight.

After laying all of the relevant information out in front of us, they left the choice between upgrading for the sake of upgrading and sticking with our perfectly good current system up to us. Of course, we decided to follow their money-saving recommendation.

It just goes to show that honesty is, in fact, the best policy—we may have passed on the expensive upgrade for now, but we will be happy to do business with GeekTek again in the future.

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