Five On Friday — August 2

Five on Friday Customer Service

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We know that dealing with customers and clients can get increasingly more frustrating as the weekend draws near, so we thought Five on Friday would be a perfect time to share some helpful tips for providing exceptional customer service. Happy Friday, everyone!

It’s Not Always About the Customer

The key to excellent customer service, argues Shep Hyken, author of the upcoming book Amaze Every Customer Every Time, is to focus first on taking care of your employees. The logic here is that when employees are happy and passionate about their company, it’s easier for them to want to help the customer. And that’s what good customer service is all about—not just being nice or friendly, but being genuinely helpful.

Make Yourself Readily Available

Customer service has evolved tremendously over the past few years, and providing a catchall phone number or email address just isn’t enough anymore. With the prevalence of social media, as this infographic demonstrates, customers expect to be able to reach companies via Twitter or Facebook as well—and they’re more likely to recommend that brand’s services to their friends when they can.

Use Customer Service to Increase Customer Loyalty

Creating a positive customer experience is a great way to establish lasting relationships and increase brand loyalty. To that end, Mike Maddock’s recent article in Forbes identifies four common problems that many companies have with creating good customer experiences and offer suggestions for how to fix them.

See Social Customer Service in Action

Here are a few examples of how Twitter can be used to provide great customer service. These companies are accessible, responsive, understanding, and doing their best to be accommodating. Sometimes providing good customer service is the best form of advertising.

A Quick How-To Guide For Great Customer Service

Finally, if you’re looking for a quick refresher course on how to provide great customer service, this 60-second guide by SCORE hits most of the main points. Respond quickly and honestly to your customers, and let them know that you appreciate their business.

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