DicksSportingGoods.com Needs SEO Help

In this week’s SEO audit series, we’re going to help out DicksSportingGoods.com.

Here are five SEO problems that DicksSportingGoods.com is currently facing, and our recommended solutions.

Problem 1: The site has multiple home page URLs.

How to fix Problem 1: Redirect all of the duplicate homepage URLs to the root URL:

Problem 2: Many of the URLs are dynamic and are amongst the most non-SEO friendly URLs that we’ve ever seen. Here is an example:

(Imagine having to read that URL to someone.)

How to fix Problem 2: Update the URLs accordingly. Here is an example of what the above URL could look like: http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/category/footware

Problem 3: The category pages have no content on them, which is holding them back from an SEO perspective.

How to fix Problem 3: Add unique, relevant content to the category pages and add internal links to the most important sub-categories or products.

Problem 4: Not using H1 tags.

How to fix Problem 4: Adding H1 tags to the home page, internal category pages, and product pages is an SEO must-have.

Problem 5: There currently is no alt text on the logo and no title on the logo url

How to fix Problem 5: Add alt text to logo like this:
alt=”Dick’s Sporting Goods”

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