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Conversion Rate Optimization

Recent studies have indicated that it’s not uncommon for online merchants to convert only 2-3% of site visitors into buyers. As a result, companies collectively spend billions of dollars on advertising and SEO in hopes of generating more traffic and, thus, more conversions. Our expertise lies in making on-page changes that call greater attention to your conversion path in order to convert more users into customers.

Through the process of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Highly Relevant is able to efficiently increase the conversion rate of not only your current visitor base, but also of all users who are directed to the site via our other marketing initiatives.

Improving Conversion Rate to Achieve Higher ROI

Our Philosophy

Data-Driven Optimization

We first use advanced website analytics and real data to see how people interact with your website. We then use this information to craft a strategy, making calculated changes to your site that improve user engagement and better direct visitors down the lead or sales funnel. With these optimizations, you will generate more revenue through all marketing channels.

Customized Camapigns

We use neither templates nor a one-size-fits-all approach to any campaign. We instead take the time to learn your business and create customized strategies before prioritizing our efforts accordingly in order to achieve the highest return on investment for your products or services.


We are open and candid with all of our clients, promoting an active discussion between our team and yours. This allows us to collaborate on a strategy that addresses the needs of both your business and your customers. After we establish a strategy, we provide regular reporting and discuss the results with your team in order to further optimize the campaign. We make it a priority to keep you informed and involved throughout the entire CRO process.

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Did you know?

80%The increase in conversion rate when a video is present on the landing page.

3.82%The average converation rate for iPad users, more than twice as much as desktop users (1.9%)

8 secondsYou have approximately this long to make a positive impact on your visitor before they leave for another site.

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Highly Relevant is a very important strategic partner to Highly Relevant’s expertise in search engine optimization as well as their broader capabilities as a full service digital marketing firm have been absolutely invaluable in the growth and success of our business. Highly Relevant has a deep team with a wide range of capabilities which differentiates it from other firms we have worked with and uniquely positions their firm to be a constant value ad resource for their clients.
cso_new_logo CEO,

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