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clothes envy


SEO Analysis

From an SEO standpoint, their homepage could use more text. Their images are eye-catching, but text is what Google crawls to determine what a page is about—it can’t read images to the same effect—and having keywords on the homepage will help it rank higher in relevant search results. And speaking of text, their site definitely needs a blog. A blog is a huge factor in terms of SEO, and it provides valuable content to both Google’s crawlers and the reader.

A study by Tersnic Media in which they posted 50 blog posts in five weeks showed an increase in traffic by 438%.

They should also make use of H1 tags on the category pages and create a robots.txt file. Robots.txt files give instructions to web robots (such as Google’s) that crawl sites for information, and they can be helpful in directing them to the right pages, or the ones that a website wants to rank for at that time.

Customer service has been and is continuing to be incredibly important for ecommerce sites, which is why the live customer chat on the site is a great idea. However, the live customer chat is listed as being available from Monday-Friday, but we noticed that it was unavailable at multiple times throughout the day—either clearer hours or more consistent availability would be helpful here.

Social Analysis

clothes envy twitter

The content is good, but nothing stands out from the basic text + link format

On Twitter, they could incorporate more photos into their posts; visuals draw people in and increase click-through rates. Tweets with images get two times the engagement rate of those without. And on the topic of engagement, they could also interact more on Twitter with people in the fashion industry or potential customers. This would help them expand their brand reach even further and increase brand loyalty by interacting with customers.

Their Facebook has fantastic images and a significant following. However, it would help to share outside content occasionally. While their fans may certainly care about their brand, it can get monotonous only seeing the same types of updates all the time.

Their Instagram is engaging and professional. One thing we really liked is that they respond to followers in the comments. Our only suggestion would be to encourage user-generated content such as photos or videos featuring the clothing. One drawback of the ecommerce platform is the fact that customers cannot feel the product, therefore it is up to the brand to make the customer trust that the product they are buying is as good as the pictures make it look. Utilizing photos from other customers provides a “testimonial” of sorts, which can help create user trust.

Overall, Clothes Envy has a good grasp of basic social media best practices and the appearance and usability of their website is great. With an SEO update, they would see a vast improvement in rankings and organic traffic.

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