Case Study: Wyse Technology

Wyse Technology (acquired by Dell in 2012, and now known as “Dell Wyse”) is a leading manufacturer in cloud client computing and offers products such as, client hardware and software and desktop virtualization.

  • Revamped the content for Wyse’s Wikipedia page
  • Organized content into Wikipedia page format
  • Published content onto Wikipedia; others have continued to add/edit the page

See below how we did it

The Challenge

Wyse Technology came to Highly Relevant for help with completely revamping their existing Wikipedia page. They already had a Wikipedia page but wanted to completely reformat it due to changes they wanted to make.

Enter Highly Relevant

Highly Relevant helped Wyse Technology revamp their Wikipedia page by doing the following:

  • Creating an initial draft of the content that Wyse wanted on their Wikipedia page (based upon the table of contents, photos, links, and other relevant content Wyse passed over to us)
  • Add photos to the page and built out the “External Links” and “References” sections on the page
  • Collected feedback for the first draft from multiple members of the Wyse team
  • Updated the initial content with the feedback that Wyse gave to us
  • Cleaned up the content in order to ensure Wikipedia ‘stick-ability’ (often times, Wikipedia editors remove either parts of or entire Wikipedia pages if the content is not ‘relevant’ enough, too promotional, etc.)
  • Published the new content on Wyse’s Wikipedia page


So what's happened?

Highly Relevant delivered Wyse revamped content for its Wikipedia page and was also able to help publish this new content on the existing Wyse Wikipedia page.  

This new reformatted content on the page served as a good foundation for other Wikipedia editors to continue to build on.   

Click here to view the Wikipedia page:




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