Case Study: Marquee Las Vegas

In the first 6-months:

  • Non- brand SEO traffic increased 315%
  • Ranking Keywords increased 98%

See below how we did it

The Challenge

Marquee Las Vegas took the club scene by storm when it launched on New Year’s Eve 2010. It was immediately recognized as one of the best clubs in the world, and this success earned Marquee almost overnight brand recognition. But because they had placed less focus on their web presence upon first launch, Marquee was looking for an SEO partner who could leverage their strong brand to increase organic search rankings.

Enter Highly Relevant

Highly Relevant customized an SEO plan for Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub that included:

  • SEO optimizations focusing on targeted demographic keywords
  • Website design & development enhancements
  • Creating artist-specific pages with rich content
  • Executing technical and creative linkbuilding campaigns

Website Content & Optimization

Highly Relevant optimized the entire site with keyword-rich content in order to attract organic rankings from broad match keywords relating to bachelorette parties. The HR team also identified a unique opportunity to drive traffic to the site by creating artist-specific pages for DJs and parties within the electronic dance music scene just as the genre was beginning to take off.

Linkbuilding Campaigns

The Highly Relevant team led a large-scale technical “brand mention” linkbuilding campaign. Through this effort, we were able to leverage the brand’s popularity in the media in such a way that strength was passed back to the Marquee site with every online mention of the club.

So what's happened?

During our 6-month targeted engagement, Highly Relevant collaborated with Marquee’s internal branding and PR teams to obtain optimal rankings for the site. They have experienced significant growth, primarily in non-branded organic traffic, and continue to achieve increased rankings.


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