Case Study: Clothing Shop Online

ClothingShopOnline (“CSO”) offers a vast catalog of blank apparel at wholesale prices including: T-Shirts, Tanks, Hoodies, Sweats, Headwear & more.

  • Over 600 keywords ranking in 9 months.
  • Over 170 rankings in the top 5!
  • Experiencing over 150% growth month over month in organic traffic!

See below how we did it

The Challenge

CSO came to Highly Relevant with a ‘soup to nuts’ project which included the complete creation, design, development and marketing execution for a new e-Commerce store.

Enter Highly Relevant

With the cumbersome coding task of customizing a e-Commerce Magneto platform (needing to sync with a 50,000 product catalog) being executed in the background – Highly Relevant’s’ creative, technical, and marketing teams went to work. SEO Team

  • Created a new categorization/URL structure for consumer shopping
  • Optimized pages with keyword rich content, title tags and meta descriptions
  • Executed numerous promotional/link building campaigns across relevant demographics.

Product Team

  • Created high conversion page layouts and site functionality
  • Designed brand and site to capture broad demographics
  • Launched on-site promotional giveaways leveraging informational surveys, social platforms, and newsletter email captures

Content Team

  • Wrote over 200 pages of on-page content for category and product pages
  • Wrote over 50 apparel, sports, and fashion related blog posts

Social Team

  • Created social profiles for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ & Pinterest
  • Create daily content, graphic design, and messaging for all social profiles
  • Perform high-level social engagement, bolstering social following in all channels including a significant following via Pinterest

PPC / 3rd Party – Affiliate Integration

  • Launched and oversee targeted PPC campaigns for various brands and categories.
  • Oversaw the implementation and development of full product catalog integration with Amazon sales channel.

So what's happened?

With an all-encompassing team ready to fulfill this entire project across level: project management, technical, creative, promotional and marketing – CSO praised Highly Relevant’s efforts in being able to oversee every aspect of this campaign from start to finish. At the same time – by combining separate marketing efforts (social media, linked posts, promotional campaign and blog reviews.), CSO was able to gain significant organic market share in just under 9 months. Since CSO’s official launch – they have seen a breakthrough in organic traffic. Beyond seeing traffic results in a short-period of time, CSO took tremendous value by not only being able to develop and launch a site, but also develop a brand and online marketing campaign in the same effort.


Over 600 keyword rankings in 9 months. Over 170 rankings in the top 5!CSO Keywords

Experiencing over 150% growth month over month in organic traffic!

CSO Traffic

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