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In the third installment of our SEO audit series, we’re going to help out  Apparently “Protecting This House” doesn’t include optimizing their website, but luckily we’re here to help. They definitely got it going on the turf and on … More Needs SEO Help

In this week’s SEO audit series, we’re going to help out Here are five SEO problems that is currently facing, and our recommended solutions. Problem 1: The site has multiple home page URLs. How to fix Problem 1: … More Needs SEO Help

Search Engine Optimization has been an integral part of online marketing since the mid ’90’s, and due to its constantly shifting nature, there is never a shortage of sites that we think could use a little help. So we’ve decided … More

Why SEO Is Essential To Your Business

In this post, I’m going to tell you why SEO is the new Yellow Book. Let me throw some statistics out at you to make you understand how integrated Search engines have become to our lives. There are 4000 web … More

3 Amazing Tools for Twitter Efficiency

I’m sure that some of you go on Twitter sometimes and are just not sure what to say.  Do you just Tweet out what you’re doing right now?  Do you write about what you’re thinking about?  Will anyone really care? … More

New SEO Ranking Factors in a Post-Panda World

Google’s information retrieval specialist Amit Singhal just wrote a piece on the Google Webmaster blog giving more insights into what a post Panda world will look like. Indeed, months after the Panda update (Google’s largest update to their algorithm in … More

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