How to Use Your Blog and Social Networks to Build Your Business

If you’ve been learning about how to increase your online presence for your business, then you know about the importance of having an active blog with fresh content.  You also know that you need to have a presence on popular social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  You may, however, be confused about how to intertwine your blog with your social network interactions.

Here’s how you should look at the relationship between your blog and your social network profiles: your blog should serve as your “primary home” while your social networks should be your “vacation homes.”

This means that you need to spend most of you time building out and developing your blog – which means you need to be constantly adding value-add content to it as well as ways to capture the information of people who are visiting your site – and supplement your blog activity with engagements on your social networks.

The process should look like this:

Step 1: Create an attractive blog that is prepared to capture leads (e.g. create lead capture forms with an e-mail marketing platform, such as Constant Contact, and make it easy for people to connect with you on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn)

Step 2: Create a “content schedule” of topics that you (or someone else) will write about; publish this content to your blog according to the schedule.

Step 3: Jump on your social networks and drive your friends and followers back to your blog through compelling offers, comments, and questions.

Step 4: If you offer good incentives and intriguing content on your blog, you’ll be able to capture the contact information of the people who visit your site.

Step 5: Market to the leads that you generate through your e-mail marketing and social networks.

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