Client Bill of Rights

At Highly Relevant, we strive to provide our clients with service that is so good that it makes their jaws drop.  And our client service starts with our “Client Bill of Rights”.

We understand that you might be someone who:

  • Doesn’t believe that online marketing can have a significant impact on your
    business due to the lack of performance from a previous service provider
  • Is apprehensive about getting stuck in a long-term contract
  • Wants to make a good marketing decision for your business, knows that online
    marketing is important, but isn’t sure how to get started or what strategies to implement
  • Has been given a lot of misinformation that can lead to making poor
    online marketing decisions based upon untruths or gut instincts – not the facts
  • Has had a previous service provider that refused to listen to your ideas or learn your business
  • Was pressured into quick decisions by a previous service provider that seemed
    to be made based upon the agency saving time or money or simply not knowing what to do

No more.  When you become a client of ours, you can expect:

full client bill of rights

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July 28, 2014

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