4 Ways Pinterest Benefits Your Brand

pinterest for your brand

There’s been a great deal of buzz recently around Pinterest. It’s fair to say that post-recession, Pinterest was popular in part because it gives the user the ability to collect things they might want without ever spending a penny. The social network was even partially founded on this principle—the founder, Ben Silbermann, put aside his own career aspirations for becoming a doctor to create a social network where millions (as of 2012, 17 million, to be exact) could fulfill their every dream. In essence one could build, furnish, and decorate a fictional house in a matter of clicks.

However, Pinterest has since evolved into a fantastic tool for converting admirers into buyers.

Many women use Pinterest to create “Dream Wedding” boards, where everything from place cards to a venue is pinned on an aptly named Pinterest board. This is so commonplace that one groom actually managed to bring to life every detail of his bride-to-be’s dream wedding based on her Pinterest board, without her knowledge.

So what does Pinterest have to offer your brand? Below I’ve outlined some of the major benefits:

Benefit #1: Linking back to your website

Linking pins to the product pages for items drives traffic to your website, plain and simple. In my personal experience, I’ve seen clients garner as much as 55% of their web traffic directly from Pinterest. It’s actually crazy when you think about it—that such a seemingly small thing as a fictional wedding board could be what gets a bride to hire your company to plan her wedding.

Benefit #2: Hashtags

We gave a brief rundown on the hashtag last week, and they should not be forgotten when using Pinterest. They are indispensable when it comes to helping your items show up in searches. I know I’ve started going to straight to Pinterest especially to look for cute gifts or decorating ideas. If I have a particular color scheme or person I am shopping for, it’s very easy to search and find relevant pins.

Benefit #3: Price Drop

Speaking of shopping, Pinterest now has a great tool for e-commerce sites called “price drop.” Now when you pin something, perhaps a lamp you fancied but didn’t actually buy because it was a little too pricey, Pinterest will alert you when the price drops. You’ll get a convenient email sent to your inbox telling you that it’s now on sale. This gives online retailers a fantastic advantage because it drives customers to your site multiple times and gives them a call to action to purchase products.

Benefit #4: Promoted Pins

Pinterest has taken its advertising one step further, as would naturally be expected, and is now offering promoted pins. It is almost surprising how long they waited before doing this, considering the site was founded in August of 2010. Promoted pins appear on users’ home screens and actually look almost indistinguishable from your average pin, except that when you scroll over them they alert you to the fact that they are a promoted pin. It’s unclear as of yet if the FTC will regulate this since this feature is relatively new, but until they do, this is an extremely beneficial feature for you to get the word about your products and brand in a new format.

As a brand, your Pinterest page gives you a way to take customers inside your company. Personalizing boards with creative names and photos you can help give customers a better idea of the inspiration behind your brand. And then when they pin one of your products or images, it typically stays on their board indefinitely, so your brand gets the benefit of repeated free advertising. And all their followers see that pin as well, so that’s more impressions for you.

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Kimberlee Raymond is the Social Media Coordinator at Highly Relevant. In addition to all things social media, she enjoys keeping up with the latest tech trends and fashion blogs.

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