4 Reasons to Make Retargeting a Core Component of Your Online Efforts


As the world of online advertising continues to evolve into a more personalized and social experience, retargeting is a powerful tool that allows advertisers to stay active in the eyes of users who have already been exposed to the brand. If you are looking to market your business online, search engine marketing, aka “PPC” and retargeting, is one of the quickest and most agile ways to start receiving quality traffic on your website.

Retargeting is the perfect complement to PPC because the advertiser is able to reach users across the web who have already visited their website, including those who were directed through PPC ads. Research has shown that 27% of users conduct a search for the brand after seeing a display ad, so exposing the user to your ads multiple times as they surf the web greatly increases the impact of your advertising efforts. Here are some key strategies for using retargeting and ways that it helps support and drive more success from your Google AdWords investment.

How Retargeting Can Be Used

Retargeting can be set up to run multiple campaigns and strategies at once. Here are some examples of how one can take advantage of this product.

Lost shopper: Show ads to users who dropped out of your sales or conversion funnel and entice them back to complete their transaction. This is especially critical with an e-commerce business where the user may have left to compare pricing with a competitor.

Branding: If your product or service is one where the user buys or uses more frequently, target them with ads geared towards branding to keep your business fresh in their minds.

Coupons & Discounts: Create specialized messaging and offers for current or past customers to reward them and keep them engaged with the brand, or target those who did not convert in order to entice them back.

Upsell & Cross-sell: Target users who viewed or bought a specific item and retarget them with ads for a complementary item or service.

The Lasting Impact of an Integrated Approach

Merging a strategic retargeting campaign with a well-built search-and-display campaign creates a lift in brand awareness and search and click traffic to your site. Because the users who are being targeted are further down the buying funnel, your business will receive more customers, sales, and revenue.

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Matthew Knapp is the Director of Marketing at Highly Relevant. In addition to lending his online marketing expertise to the team, his interests include traveling, technology, sports, food, cars, and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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