3 Simple SEO Strategies from SEOmoz's "The Future of Linkbuilding" Webinar

I recently watched an SEOmoz webinar called “The Future of Linkbuilding”, which you can access at SEOmoz’s webinar page. It was a fantastic webinar, and I definitely encourage you to watch it (although you need to sign up for SEO moz Pro to access it) if you’d like to learn more current strategies and techniques to improve your own site’s SEO.

In this webinar, Rand Fishkin, the founder of SEOmoz presented thirty-four creative and technical linkbuilding tips; the recommendations that he made ranged from simple changes to your webiste to more challenging tactics, such as building awesome infographics and visual media.

The purpose of my blog post today is to provide you with three of the more simpler tactics that me mentioned, which anyone can do to improve his or her site’s SEO potential:

1. Build out your “About” page.
By building out your “About” page and including information, such as photos, links to your social network profiles, and in-depth descriptions, you’ll be more likely to convince Google that you have a legitimate website.

On your “About” page, make sure that you feature real human beings (with their photos) and provide good, high-quality content about who you are and what you do. Link to all of your social network profiles and provide real contact information to your website visitors.

Aside from the SEO benefits, a good “About” page will allow your visitors to connect with you in a more authentic way. Think about it: would you be more drawn to a website if the “About” page had purely corporate language or if it had some personality?

2. Provide real contact details for real humans.
This tip ties in with the first one…. and it’s super easy to implement, so there’s no excuse in not getting it done.

In my opinion, it doesn’t even make sense for you not to put your real contact information on your website.

If you’re trying to generate more business through your site, wouldn’t you want them to be able to reach you?

3. Find amazing designers and pay them.
The idea behind this tactic is a lot simpler than 1) finding amazing designers or 2) paying them, especially if you are bootstrapping.

The basic idea behind this tip is to simply have a great design for your site and improve user experience. Do people enjoy spending time on your site? If not, then perhaps you need to upgrade the design of your site so that your visitors want to stay there.

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