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Good standing with search engines is a must for any business that operates on the web. The latest numbers show that just less than 90% of click-throughs go to websites listed on the first page of results, 10% go to websites listed on the second page, and anything on the third page is practically standing on the edge of search engine oblivion. Given that Google supplies websites with almost 80% of search engine traffic, your website’s ranking on Google is critical.

Unfortunately, many websites that basked in the glory of first page results have been adversely affected by Google’s recent Panda and Penguin updates; oftentimes, they have been removed from the results altogether.

What Happened?

The Panda and Penguin updates refer to the implementation of updates to Google’s search algorithm, the goal of which is to weed out spam and provide its users with the most relevant and accurate search results. While these updates are effective for the most part, their implementation is automated, often allowing innocent bystanders to be caught in the crossfire. If Google’s crawlers (the programs Google uses to ascertain the contents of a given website) find evidence that your website is spammy, lacking in content, or even over-optimized for search engines, your website may be punished.

We say “innocent bystanders,” because it is not unusual for website owners to be completely oblivious of the spammy elements of their websites. This can be the result of non-search-engine-friendly site content and structure, which can be righted by simply consulting a reliable SEO firm.

Even some of those who were punished for black hat SEO tactics can also be considered innocent bystanders. Fledgling websites often turn to SEO companies with low rates and questionable integrity out of necessity, not realizing that many of these companies attain their quick results with the use of black hat SEO tactics.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is a term used to describe search engine optimization tactics that are designed to manipulate search algorithms to deem a site falsely relevant. Optimizers that have utilized black hat tactics in the past have often participated in such practices as comment spamming, spam blogs, cloaking, and URL redirection.

The primary characteristic of black hat SEO is its fleeting nature. Black hat SEO, in essence, is the equivalent of building a light tower out of cardboard. It will only last until the next storm comes along (let’s call it Hurricane Penguin), and all you are left with is a pile of wreckage that used to be a top ranking website.

Google seeks to make search results more effective and relevant with its updates, and black hat SEO seeks to circumvent those efforts. The question we pose is this: If the only thing you want is to be more prominent in Google’s search results, why resort to a tactic that is directly at odds with the very entity you aim to please?

What is White Hat SEO?

White hat SEO, as it seems, is the polar opposite of black hat SEO. As opposed to attempting to circumvent the purpose of Google’s crawlers, white hat SEO seeks to facilitate it by ensuring that the content and site architecture of a website are working in conjunction with Google’s webmaster guidelines.

Though the results may not be as immediate, white hat SEO creates relevant staying power in search engine rankings while maintaining a high conversion rate. Think of this as building the aforementioned lighthouse out of adamantium.

Highly Relevant: The White Hat Experts

Highly Relevant specializes in pure white hat SEO, which means staying power and high conversion rates for your business. Many websites met a lot of damage with Google’s recent updates, ranging from mild to severe. Some were deserving of the punishment, while others were not. However, one thing does remain true: Highly Relevant can help.

If you and your business are ready to take the step in committing to providing high quality, user-friendly value to the web, Highly Relevant is ready to take your business to the next level.

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