Why Google’s Latest Panda & Penguin Updates are Good for the SEO Industry

by Alex Becker


First and foremost, let me say that I think the latest updates from Google are not great. I have questions about whether Google is trying to kill the SEO industry. Also, it is possible that Google created a new industry called negative SEO.


That being said, these updates keep SEO companies like Highly Relevant alive while weeding out the chop shops that give our industry a bad name. Without updates like this, anyone would be able to do SEO, which would certainly put SEO’s out of business.


For the companies like us who have survived the recent Panda (Google’s update to target content poachers and content farmers) and Penguin (Google’s update to combat link manipulators and over optimization) updates mostly unscathed, there will be a pool of new clients that have abandoned their now ineffective SEO company or consultant. At Highly Relevant, we have been adapting our own SEO systems and processes to the updates that Google releases over the years, allowing us to stay ahead of these updates by writing amazing content, being social with that content and forging long-term partnerships with websites in our clients’ industries.


If you are looking for help in recovering from Panda or Penguin, we can offer it. The biggest question is what kind of long-term penalties and/or rankings ceilings are put on sites that are penalized? Can people rebound relatively quickly and to their previous rankings by removing “bad” links, 301 redirecting duplicate/light content and integrating social marketing signals on an SEO friendly website? These are all questions that the recent Panda and Penguin updates have forced everyone to ask, and Highly Relevant can assist you in finding and implementing the best solutions for your business.

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