The Art of the Guest Blog Post

I have a creative writing background. When I began SEO writing, it was a bit disheartening to write entire articles solely with the intention of dropping a single keyword. But then I realized, through SEO writing, my work was reaching a much larger audience than all the poems, plays, and stories collecting figurative dust on my hard drive. So I started to have fun with the SEO articles and began putting as much care into them as I did my creative work.

As a result of my efforts, I earned more interesting and in-depth articles to write, such as guest blog posts on environmental blogs and finance blogs with tons of traffic.

In the following article, I will discuss how to write successful guest blog posts on great websites for commercial purposes.  Oftentimes, you will have to provide content to a blog manager before you are guaranteed publication on their site – it is EXTREMELY helpful if you or a linkbuilder have already established contact with a blogger and proposed a topic. Generally, to gain the approval of a webmaster, you must create content that serves as the relevant intersection between the blog and the client – choose a topic that puts the blog topic and the clients business together.

Guest Blog Post Content

Relevant to the host blog
Establishing relevancy to a client is as important as establishing relevancy to the host blog. Say for example one of your clients is an online diamond buying service. In order to get an article with a back link up on a high-trafficked blog for divorcees, write a blog post about what to do with a wedding ring after getting a divorce, and include specific information pertaining to Texas divorce laws and post-divorce property rights.

Original and engaging
Blog managers are not going to accept your guest blog posts if they are not worth reading. Their blogs are their business, and like any business, they want to provide their customers with the best possible product. The content you provide should not contain common knowledge or information that can be found elsewhere. Your guest blog posts should pertain to human interest and exude personality. A good rule of thumb: only write something YOU would want to read. Do some research and DON’T cite Wikipedia – if you must use Wikipedia, cite the sources that Wikipedia uses.

Not too advertorial
You don’t want your guest post to come off as an advertisement for your client. As I demonstrated in my previous example,   don’t write an article about, but rather an article about an important issue for many divorcees, which also directed them towards your client’s service. The hyperlink should be subtle and natural. For example, “After divorcees sell their diamonds, they can use the extra cash to fund their first solo vacation.”

Well-researched and specific
For the article, look up various ways women have dealt with their post-divorce rings, including refashioning them, returning them, reselling them, keeping them at the bottom of their jewelry drawers, etc, and cite specific occurrences of each with quotes from actual divorcees. This kind of research and specificity provides the article with confidence and credibility.

Unless the blog you’re posting on is particularly biased in any direction, you will want to take a neutral stance on any loaded topics. You don’t want to plant any politics on your client, and as mentioned before, you don’t want your article to come off as too much of an advertisement.


If you follow these simple tips, you’re likely to have a higher result of accepted guest blog posts on higher quality sites. When you put this kind of care and consideration into your SEO articles, you will feel creatively and intellectually satisfied while building links to your client’s site.

What are some methods you use to publish guest posts on behalf of your clients?

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