Needs SEO Help

In this week’s Highly Relevant SEO audit series, we’re going to help out is a great resource for all kinds of music gear, but their website has got a couple wrong notes here and there.

In order to get them back to shredding at maximum potential, they should consider making some of these changes. Then they’ll be record label certified instead of your neighborhood garage band.

Problem 1: Images above text on product pages.

How to fix Problem 1: Text links should appear above the images because Google only counts the first link that it sees, and the text links pass more strength and relevance than pictures.  Therefore, the text links on the product pages should be moved above the images.

Problem 2: Sitemap only shows zipped versions.

How to fix Problem 2: Currently, there is no XML sitemap on; only the zipped versions appear.’s webmaster should create both XML and zipped versions of the sitemap (as well as submit them both to the search engines).

Problem 3. Lackluster 404 page.

How to fix Problem 3: The 404 page is a dead end.  A good 404 page should provide a search functionality and useful links to encourage customers to return to the store.

Problem 4: Dynamic URLs in subcategory pages.

How to fix Problem 4: These pages should have static, keyword-rich URLs and content on the page.  Including these keyword-rich URLs and content on the subcategory pages will help rank for additional keywords.

Problem 5: Canonical issues.

How to fix Problem 5: There are two versions of the home page.  The non-www version should be redirected to the www version because this is the stronger of the two versions.

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