Why SEO Is Essential To Your Business

In this post, I’m going to tell you why SEO is the new Yellow Book. Let me throw some statistics out at you to make you understand how integrated Search engines have become to our lives. There are 4000 web searches per second. Just a year and a half ago, there were only 2000 searches per second. This is quite an amazing stat that should get your very excited about being at the top of the search engines.

74% of people searching for local business information use search engines to find it first. This is significantly higher than the old days when people used the yellow pages first. Think of SEO as the new, de facto investment you need to make as you would your de facto investment in the yellow pages. You now have to make that de facto investment. It has not become more clouded though and not as easy as taking an ad out in the yellow pages.

That’s because there are so many so-called “experts” out there and very few authorities. This course is the authority on search engine optimization.

Another statistic is that for every $1 spent online, it drives $6 offline. If you are actively looking for an agency, consider Highly Relevant’s ethical search engine optimization services.

Note: All statistics taken from “The Art of SEO.”

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