Duplicate Google Places Issues and Google Local Help

Do I have duplicate Google listings?

First of all, if you want to figure out how to see if your business has duplicate listings in Google Local results, here is a great reference about Identifying and Removing Duplicate Listings.

In addition to searching Google Maps for your business name, you can also search by your phone number as such “310 824 9590″. Searching by phone number can help identify duplicate Google Places pages based upon the phone number being used which is especially useful if you have recently changed phone numbers.

OK, I have duplicate Google listings. How do I remove them!?

Removing duplicate listings is a two part process that can take up to and over 72 hours to complete. Many people only do one of the two: they login to their Google Local dashboard, claim ownership of the old listing, remove and/or suspend their old listing and then are done, but that’s not enough.

To permanently remove and old or duplicate listing, you must do the following:

  1. Login to your Google Local Dashboard, Claim ownership of the duplicate listing, and remove the listing from your Local Dashboard AND Google maps.
  2. After you have remove it from your Google Local Dashboard AND Google Maps, go to the duplicate Google listing page. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click the “Report a problem” link and a new window should pop-up.

    Check the radio box “Please is permanently closed.”, enter the following in the comments section: “Please remove. Alex Becker alex@highlyrelevant.com”, check the box “Send email when the problem is reviewed.” and then click “Report problem”. (see image below for example)

Remove a Duplicate Google Places Issue

Update: If you want to give your new Google local account an added boost (literally and metaphorically) sign up for Google Boost inside of your local dashboard and for starters, have the Boost ad link to your actual Google places pace. This will help expedite the duplicate listing deletion and also help get your new profile some organic traction.

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  1. As a follow up, you need to report a problem often…and you should choose several different reasons why…ie. it’s closed, it has another listing, etc.

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