3 Link Building Tactics for Ecommerce Websites

Getting links for ecommerce websites can be difficult because not a lot of webmasters want to link to a page that sells products.

That said, there are some excellent ways for ecommerce websites to build links.

1. Ask for a link in order emails (and other customer communications).
One of the easiest ways to get a back link is to ask your current customers. This tactic is often overlooked by ecommerce websites, but can bring in great backlinks.

In your communication emails, just add this line:

Do you have a website or blog? Link to us! Just copy and paste this code: Subtly Optimized Anchor Text

2. Using Badges to build links.
If you start to have a popular brand, it is a good idea to use badges similar to the one found on Picnik.

picnik badges

Website owners and bloggers can show off their affiliation with your brand, and at the same time you will get a link back to your site. When using this tactic, make sure not to use specific anchor text or you will get penalized.

3. Internal linking.
People generally neglect internal linking and this one tactic can change the ranking fortune of a site. The act of internal linking is simply linking internal pages to other internal pages. Many pages have great authority, but don’t link to other internal pages of a site, which provides a potential opportunity.

Generally deep ecommerce sites have several layers and its important for usability to allow visitors to navigate your content through internal links. This happens to benefit your SEO in a major way since links from relevant pages increases rankings.

A favorite tactic of mine for internal linking to use is breadcrumbs. An example breadcrumb can be found at Progressive.

Progressive Breadcrumb

The breadcrumb links to the previous categories, and this benefits SEO and usability.

Make it a point to talk to an online marketing company when optimizing your ecommerce website and they’ll be able to help you think outside the box in terms of your SEO and link building strategy.

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