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SEOmoz is an industry leading SEO tool provider that prides itself on creating extremely advanced and robust tools that provide tremendous competitor insights and actionable SEO analysis and recommendations. Their suite of tools is a powerful and vital component of our internal SEO process and much of our client successes are a direct result of using these tools.

I recently contacted them to discuss utilizing their APIs to create our own tools specific to us by taping into their link scape index of the web. We are now about to turn their tools into our tools, which is very exciting for us over at Highly Relevant.

They ended up sending us some t-shirts and a thermal for being loyal and patient supporters of their product which was sweet of them.

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Anyways, if you are looking for a great suite of SEO tools make sure you check out SEOmoz, it will change the way you do SEO. Here are the top tools we recommend:

SEOmoz Toolbar – Extremely useful to get a quick snapshot of the SEO strength of a given URL/Domain

On-Page Keyword Optimization – The BEST tool for giving you some fundamental SEO best practices that are missing from your page(s) based upon the keyword you are trying to rank for

Open Site Explorer – This tool is amazing at not only analyzing our clients back link profiles, but also is amazing for analyzing competitors and finding links your competitors have that our client does not. In addition, using the “Top Pages” feature for our clients, we are able to identify any 404 errors and/or 301 redirects that are in place on their top pages that we can webmaster accordingly to maximize SEO outputs

Custom Crawl – This tool is something we run every client through right away after we land them as a client. This tool allows you to enter a domain, and every single URL is extracted from the site. In addition, the title tag, meta description, crawl time, http status code, outbound links and many more factors are also extracted on a URL-by-URL basis. This information is especially useful when you are migrated content management systems, etc.

In addition, they offer their API so agencies like us can easily create tools specific to our clients needs which is amazing. If you are interested in learning more about the SEO tools & processes that Highly Relevant is doing, check them out.

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  1. Hi there, I am very much interested on the SEOMOZ tool that you bloggedabout, and I am thinking of trying it as well. I would also like to share (I hope you don’t mind) a simple tool that I am also using to drive more traffic and to increase my outbound links. This can also help in reputation management. I have been using ReviewAdder ( which is a review publisher in geographilcally-specific areas like LA Yelp! which is perfect for local businesses. I hope you could try it ourr and see what I was trying to point out. Just a small tip…thanks!

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