Lenovo Takes Blogging Back to School

As blogging continues to be one of best portrayals of self-expression, Fortune 500 companies are insisting on utilizing this medium for their marketing efforts. The latest company to utilize blogging and social media as a means to brand their product is Lenovo. They’ve introduced an exciting new site entitled LenovoBlogU.com for their “University of Bloggers” contest.

The idea behind the campaign is to encourage students enrolled in accredited Universities to blog about their passions, goals and ambitions. In turn, Lenovo will giveaway a $20K scholarship and various prizes to winners. The only rules for contestants are: keeping the content unique and only posting on the Lenovo blogging platform,

The genius behind this campaign is the idea of keeping bloggers under the Lenovo brand. By creating a blogging platform for potential consumers, Lenovo is able to showcase their product, while praising their most loyal consumers. Through this campaignLenovo not only builds up their brand loyalty, but also enhances the way their brand is received. Giving away scholarships and the tools to learn is an effective way to brand their product (laptops) as the quintessential back to school device. Most of the students, especially those that win, will become brand evangelists and encourage others to invest in Lenovo for all their school needs.

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