Apple Does it Again with the Release of the iPhone 4

Monday was another big day for Apple. All over the world, Apple fanboys rejoiced. His majesty, Steve Jobs, took the stage at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco and officially unveiled Apple’s latest creation—the iPhone4. This newest Apple release is sure to be the most sought after gadget in the tech space since Jobs last showed us the iPad.

The most anticipated feature of the iPhone 4 is its front facing camera. This feature allows for what Apple is calling “Face Time.” Face Time allows video chatting over the phone using its front and rear facing cameras. This feature will be limited to Wi-Fi hot spots, at least in its early stages. Although, we can be sure the developers are hard at work, scouring the iPhone 4 SDK for ways to make Face Time work over 3G. Could this be the reason that AT&T recently announced caps on its subscribers monthly data consumption? That point is up for debate, but there is no doubt in my mind. Much has been made about mobile video chatting in the weeks since Gizmodo revealed the new phone to the world.

Apple's Promo Video of iPhone Features

I must admit that at first, I was really excited. It will also be nice to talk to friends and family, face to face from anywhere in the world. In a business sense, this will be a great tool as well. You can tell a lot about what the person is saying and thinking through their facial expressions—good or bad.

That said, it is a cool feature and will certainly change the way that we communicate with each other.
Some of the other features the Apple unveiled were:

• Multitasking
• 720p HD video and editing on the phone
• The front and back is made of aluminosilicate glass held together by a custom alloy band that also acts as a antenna
• 960X640 LCD display that is said to be the highest resolution phone screen ever made.
Other features.

All told, this past Monday was a great day for Apple and its legion of fans. The iPhone 4 represents another huge step forward for the mobile industry. Apple has once again set the bar. It is now up to everyone else to catch up.

Your move Google.

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