Why Blog Commenting & "NoFollow" Links Matter

Link building is the most important factor in getting top rankings in the Google Search results. Back in the day, the more back links you had to your website the higher your rank was in Google. This was, in theory, a good way of prioritizing the top 10 rankings that Google displays for a given search term, but this ALL changed with the advent of social media and blogging.

Since back links were so important in getting top rankings in Google people soon realized that they could begin spamming blogs and leaving comment link farms on thousands of sites and soar to the top of rankings. Google had a problem, their formula to protect top rankings was misfiring. Change was necessary and came in the form of a “NoFollow” tag.

What is a NoFollow Tag?

A Nofollow tag is a simple piece of code that you put in a link. Here is an example:

This link is passing strength to the Los Angeles SEO page it’s linking to.

This link is NOT passing strength to the Los Angeles SEO page it’s linking to.

Why Do NoFollows Now Matter?

Google originally introduced the nofollow tag to combat spamming and the like. Now, Google, Yahoo & Bing seem to be rewarding websites who are actively commenting on blogs, forums and other web properties that don’t pass strength through these social media links. BUT THEY DO PASS STRENGTH. Social networking profile links, blog comment links and forum signatures now matter — again. The difference is that you need to keep at it and be participating in relevant, authority/industry blogs/forums.

NoFollows Matter: A Case Study

Below is a screen shot that shows Highly Relevant’s top 10 back links. As you can see, 5 out of 10 of the back links are social media blog comments — Including our #1 back link being a blog comment on Chris Brogan’s site.

top 10 back links

2 thoughts on “Why Blog Commenting & "NoFollow" Links Matter

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