Generation 10:45 & Continuous Brand Management – Pt. 2

How will Generation 10:45’s presence impact continuous brand management?

First, they will expect continuity in their brand experience across all devices and platforms. For example, their favorite website, Facebook, must be experienced similarly across the web, iPhone, and yes, their Playstation 3 or Xbox360. If you take a deeper look of the continuous shuffling between their devices, you will notice more – their continuous access to communication and information. Google is everywhere as are their friends, and as a result, their unwillingness to separate themselves from these devices. Companies need to react to this social media-laden landscape by effectively implementing continuous brand management efforts that seamlessly cover all devices, something that is still having great disconnect between customer contact channels.

Another impact that Generation 10:45 will have on companies is their desire for transparent service—to be “seen” at all times. Generation 10:45ers are constantly providing status updates about where they are and what they are doing and will expect companies to provide the same kind of transparency with regard to service and instant information on any order, service, and requests.

Finally, Generation 10:45, like people in general, believe what they hear through word of mouth well before anything you have to say as a company. People generally trust customers far more than any company selling to them so expect Generation 10:45 to be disseminating/recovering customer reviews and ratings online, all the time, and on a continuous basis.

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