Googe Buzz Advertising? Probably

Google Buzz Advertising

What is Google Buzz? Watch the video below, I’m not going to explain it better than Google.

Here’s a rundown of what it does:

  • Update All of Your Social Media Sites all from one place (I don’t see facebook yet)
  • It’s built into gmail – How many people know and use gmail everyday already?
  • Picture Viewing capabilities – “Pictures seen the right way”
  • Embeddable Videos inside of Buzzes

Here’s why Buzz Matters:

  • It shows up in Google’s Search Results
  • We are using Google More often and for longer (More pageviews, more time being spent on site = more advertising revenues for Google, Inc.).
  • Everyone who is adopting early is probably doing the right thing. I have 2 email accounts setup through google mail and i LOVE THEM.
  • For all you gchaters out there, this is sorta cool…

In closing, make sure you realize that already 10,000,000+ engagements have already taken place and that number will continue to soar. The sky is the limit. Google has quietly become a player in Social Media Marketing Overnight.

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