WordPress 2.9 Carmen Upgrade Spotlight

WordPress 2.9 Upgraded, code named “Carmen” after the late, great Carmen McRae who was an American jazz singer, composer, pianist, and actress.

Disclaimer: Before you upgrade, please follow the instructions listed on the official Upgrading WordPress documentation and recommended upgrade instructions. After you have successfully followed the instructions on upgrading wordpress listed above, then follow the automatic upgrade process inside of your wp-admin and finish your installation of WordPress 2.9 Carmen.

Here are the main upgrades for the new WordPress 2.9 Carmen and why it’s important you upgrade immediately:

  • Video oEmbed Technology: Paste a URL into a post and it will automatically embed the linked video. Additionally, this capability extends to Scribd.com, Youtube.com, Google Video, Vimeo & More. For a full list of the embed technology of wordpress 2.9 please click here.
  • Image Editor & Functionality: Images are “more at home” inside of WordPress 2.9, according to Matt Mullenweg, one of the founders of WordPress. You can now easily upload, edit, and transform images with a pretty advanced web based editor.
  • Plugin Compatibility & Batch Plugin Updater: You can now upgrade up to 10 plugins at once. Additionally, you will know whether or not the plugin is compatible with your version of WordPress and much much more. WordPress is only as powerful as the plugins that people create for the CMS, and I’m glad to see that they are getting the attention they deserve.
  • No more deleting posts and pages: That’s right, you can’t delete them anymore. Rather, you can send things to the “Trash” where they will remain for 30 days unless you restore them or permanently delete them yourself – which I don’t recommend doing.

For a full list of why WordPress 2.9 Carmen is “oh so fine” check out the link.

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