SEO: Still a Value Proposition

In online marketing circles, social media marketing is the current cool kid on the block, and with good reason. Social tools can give companies a powerful medium to engage customers, develop their brand, and humanize themselves in a way that can be difficult without in-person interaction. And weíre strong believers in incorporating social media elements into our SEO strategies. That being said, we believe there is significant straight up, Warren Buffet-style value in good old-fashioned search engine optimization. Here’s why. With an intelligent SEO strategy that involves on-page optimization, conversion optimization, and targeted link-building, we are able to help our clients generate high quality, converting traffic to their website for significantly less that it would cost them to generate comparable traffic through a PPC campaign.

The fact that we are able to reduce a clientís search engine marketing costs while making an acceptable profit for ourselves tells us that SEO knowledge is still imperfect and not as widespread as those of us in the internet marketing bubble probably assume. Furthermore, once the SEO campaign is completed, our clients are left with an online asset that will continue to generate traffic and business after our work is done (with the caveat that like all properties, online properties deteriorate over time without proper upkeep).

Inevitably, as more companies embrace SEO and competition increases, the cost differential between SEO and PPC will be reduced. For SEO companies to be able to deliver a return on investment to clients and maintain an acceptable profit margin for themselves, they will have to become more intelligent with their strategies and more efficient with their execution. This will increasingly mean that SEO companies must have expertise not only in SEO but also in social media marketing, web design, and traditional marketing, and be able to deliver synergies between these elements and SEO.

We think the ability to continually deliver comprehensive marketing strategies that achieve tangible returns for clients will determine which SEO companies are able to stay relevant and stay in business.

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