Google Wave Playback What Email Would Be Like If It Were Invented Today

Google has announced the release of a revolutionary new online communication and collaboration tool called Google Wave. This web-based tool allows users to easily access email, information, chat, documents, file sharing, and more all in one central place. Google is playing into open-source by inviting over 4,000 of the world s best coders and engineers to test a beta of the Wave Platform. Friends will be able to share media, emails, chats, and more inside of the Wave client. Businesses will be able to effectively collaborate on documents and communicate next steps to get the job done.

Key wave features include:

  • Regular email Drag + drop new users to Waves Drag + drop new pictures to Waves (Not even supported yet in HTML 5)
  • Extract just pics from a Wave to a new Wave easily-Ability to respond exactly inside messages (screenshot)
  • Embed waves to blogs and additional web sites -> All responses show up in central Google Wave account When people respond to Waves on sites they are embedded all responses appear on the site embedded + in Google Wave account
  • Change captions of pics easily in Waves like editing a folder on your desktop
  • New users have access to a feature called playback to go through original Wave in order of user contribution
  • While multiple people can be on a given Wave, there is the ability to send private replies
  • When both users are online they see live chat that updates by letter typed, not the pencil Feature to turn off scrolling type-Automatic spell check/correcting
  • Many more features (This is only a review of the first 40 minutes of the 1:20 video below).


Google s new Wave Communication and Collaboration web application will become the future of online collaboration and the way information is shared, spread, and collaborated on. Some of the new features are so advanced that they can barely be described with words. The wave is a 2-year project that has been spearheaded by Lars and Jens Rasmussen (The brother engineering duo that created Google Maps). Google recently invited 4,000 of the most talented coders and API specialists in the world to this conference and gave those who attended sandbox access to being creating magical add-ons, components, plugins, and accessories that previously made Google Maps such a wild success.

It appears that the Google s Wave web-based communication and collaboration software is going to be the undisputed champion of communication and collaboration when it hits the public in September of 2009. The full video of the Google Wave demonstration is available on Youtube here.

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